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The raising of the hands in this ministry is significant of three things:

“Surrender – We must surrender to God and purpose. Praise – We must learn to praise God as well as ourselves. Learn how to cheer for yourself. Victory – If we learn the power of surrendering, and the power of praise, we will experience victory. God wants you to win!”

The Vision

WELCOME to Doing Life On Fire (DLOF). There was a popular song by hip hop artist Nelly. It said, “it’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes”. I wonder if you are hot enough to take off the restraints in your life. I wonder if you are ready to let go of the restrictions of pain, fear, insecurity, and such that keep you perpetually bound to meritocracy.

Well that is what this ministry is all about. It is about you doing life with passion. This ministry aims to provide you with God’s voice to get you free to live a life of purpose and destiny. I also aim to get you into a first church experience. In the book of Acts we see a much different church than the one that exists today. The first church lived with a sense of passion and power that led to one person in the scriptures describing Paul and Silas as being a part of those who have “turned the world upside down!” That is such a compliment considering they knew less, had less available in terms of technology, and faced unimaginable persecution. However, even with all of this going on they were effective and powerful.

Not only do I desire for you to do life on fire, but I desire that your fire be so radiant that others will see it and be drawn to it’s light and warmth. Just like Moses, when he saw a burning bush. It so amazed him that a bush was on fire and not burning, that he had to investigate this strange occurrence. I want your life to inspire people to look at you and turn aside to see why you are so inspired with life. Hopefully, you will have an answer for the hope that lies in you. Let’s do life on fire!

About Me

FamilyKevin Winters is a prophetic minister that has been walking with God for over 20 years. His passion is ministering the mind and heart of God to inspire courage, change, and character in believers. To do so God has gifted him to teach and preach under a prophetic utterance that demonstrates insight and revelation. He is an author, a poet, an artist, and a visionary. His ministry is marked by the wisdom and insight that God has given him. God has made him a deep thinker and to most that hear him he is considered a balanced source of revelation.

Currently, Kevin shares God’s word through his online ministry. He can be heard weekly on YouTube, Facebook, and Periscope sharing with the world what God is saying and doing in this hour.

By trade, he is a visual communication specialist with the Federal Government. In this capacity, he serves as a lead graphic designer and illustrator. His hobbies include making music, creating art, martial arts, and enjoying his family.

He resides with Tanya, his wife of 13 years, in Maryland. They have four beautiful children, Autumn, Caleb, Aaron, and Noelle. They are also long-time members of the prestigious First Baptist Church of Glenarden where they serve under the leadership of Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr.

To hear or read some of Kevin’s teachings visit one of the sites below: