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Light Manager comes with multiple modes to configure how your settings should be applied. So, you can consider going with the app if you want the app icons as notification.

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As demonstrated with the embedded video above, once that is enabled you can see the LED notification light right when a new notification comes in.

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  • 7 Best Notification Apps for Android Techlomedia.
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Whenever the user wants to change a particular application color and default color for all other apps.

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 doesn't have normal LED Is there a good and safe app to install in a Samsung.
  • The best and easy way to hide Photos and Videos on your device is to use a Vault.
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Customize your Notification Light The Google phones don't give you the opportunity to. To turn off notifications selectively for apps go to Settings Notifications.


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You can also select the vibration modes, use the torch and get the blink alerts for the special missed calls.

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When I open the listing in the Play Store, it says that the app is not available for my model. So to rise above all these problems this flashing lights alert app has been created. Ringing your general mode, and best of the best led notification app for?

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There are multiple Applications that lets the user to hide Photos and Videos on your device. The notification light notification light, enable flash will be dark.

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