Prophetic Feelers

Why Do We Sometimes Feel Pain Physical 
or Emotional During Ministry to Others?

Explaining Prophetic Feelers

For all of you that are interested in being used by God in healing or deliverance there is a phenomenon that occurs during ministry that requires an answer. That phenomenon is what occurs when God allows the person ministering to experience the physical or emotional pain of another person. For me this happens quite frequently. Sometimes more than I admit to liking.

If you are among those unfamiliar with this experience let me give you an example.  A few weeks ago my co-worker came into the office and approximately 5 minutes into her visit I felt a sudden sharp pain go up my back. Though it came upon me suddenly it continued for quite some time. It didn’t take more than another 5 minutes for her to say how much her back was hurting. I’ve had the same thing happen in malls, where I would come into a place and get a sudden headache or knee pain. When this first began to happen to me years ago, I would literally feel all kinds of pain from people. At the time, I didn’t know or understand what was happening. In fact, it happened so often that I didn’t want to go out; It was very overwhelming at first. I eventually came to an understanding of what was happening, but I still did not know what to do about it. Not only did I feel the pain of others, I also felt their condition. For instance, I could feel how tired they were. I later learned that this is one of the manifestations the gift of the word of knowledge.

Words of knowledge are just it sounds, words that impart to us knowledge. Some people limit them to words about facts, past and present. I however, define them as any knowledge that God imparts to us supernaturally. So what most people call revelation knowledge in my opinion is really this gift in operation. Nevertheless, it is supernaturally imparted information that you could not have known naturally.

God uses this particular gift quite frequently in the ministry of healing. Sometimes He speaks words of knowledge. Other times He gives us supernatural information in visions and dreams. Then sometimes He gives us this information by experience.

So why would God choose this particular method to give us this supernatural information? Why is it  important to God for us to experience someone else’s pain? That is what I want to answer in the paragraphs that follow.

To start we must realize that all of the gifts of the Spirit are manifestations of Jesus. 1 Corinthians 12:7 says that the “manifestation of the Spirit is given”.  The purpose of the gifts of God operating through us is to reveal the nature and character of God. This is a necessary foundational truth that we must first understand. We also see this truth supported in Acts as the disciples are in prayer. They say in their prayer to God, …and grant your servants that with all boldness they may speak your word by stretching out your hand to heal… in the name of Jesus Christ.” Notice that healing, signs, and wonders speak of, or reveal Jesus. Just notice how the passage asks God to speak by healing…

Therefore, we know that all of the gifts are revelations of His divine nature. So how does this relate to the topic? The Bible in Hebrews 4:15, says that we do not have a High Priest who does not sympathize with our infirmities. This is a common characteristic of Jesus. He often presents Himself as one that empathizes and sympathizes with us. In one of the Gospel stories, Jesus saw the people of Israel as sheep without a shepherd (leader and caretaker). He then became emotionally compelled to heal them. It was His ability to empathize with them that moved Him to heal.

Likewise, this particular quality of Jesus shows up in the operation of the gifts. Sometimes it becomes imperative that we do more than treat ministry as opportunities to be obedient. Sometimes effective ministry goes beyond serving the physical need and ministers to the deeper need with love. I have learned that the difference between good ministry and marginal ministry is demonstrated in how we serve the need.  I have seen someone sing a song. And I have seen someone minister a song. I have also seen the same in prophecy and preaching. Some people give the word, while others, usually the more successful, minister the word.

We don’t often realize that while ministering we are very much like the server at a restaurant. If our server simply does his job by taking our order and giving us our food, we feel slighted. In contrast, if we have a server that takes the time to speak to us and really give us special attention, we feel served. We seem to feel as though the server really cared about making us a feel valued. Jesus often served people the same way. He took the time to make people feel as if He cared about them. And that’s because as Hebrews 4:15 says, He did.

Often when we are ministering to a person or when God wants us to minister to a person, He allows us to be touched by the “feeling of their infirmity”. He does so to inspire in us compassion. Nothing inspires compassion like feeling the pain for yourself. Feeling the infirmity of others makes us say to ourselves, “Dear Lord, is that what they are dealing with?” It also makes us think about how their infirmity hinders their quality of life. But in reality, God is only allowing us to experience a fraction of the pain, or tiredness etc. the person is dealing with.

So remember, whenever God allows you to feel someone else’s infirmity, He is saying to you, “I want you to care about this person’s condition”. Let Him inspire you with compassion.  (I said compassion, not love. Ministering in “love” is topic for a later discussion).

14 thoughts on “Prophetic Feelers

  1. Yay!!! I am excited to have discovered this blog. This definitely answered some questions for me, and since having begun ministering in Healing Rooms, I’ve discovered this happens more frequently. Thank you for sharing how this connects to Jesus and growing compassion in my heart. I look forward to many more insightful writings. You blessed me. Cheers to you and for the success of the blog.

    1. You are so welcomed. I told God I would not hide any of my experiences and what I learned from Him. I know that there are others He operated throughout this way who needed clarity just as I did. God bless.

      1. I am a prophet and you are spot on. yes. thank God others are coming to the knowledge of the truth.

      2. Hey Kevin! Thank you for sharing! I had no idea what was going on with me…I thought I was under constant warfare! Please tell me what are we supposed to do when this occurs and how long does it usually last? Are we supposed to pray it away? Ask God to remove it from us? I know this is supposed to be a gift but it feels like a curse…please help me to see its not…

  2. Reblogged this on fuzzypebble and commented:
    There is some audio tapes, mp3s, etc., by Randy Clark and Jim Gall. Jesus is ministering through you, has invited you to feel the passion, and if you are fortunate, can quickly find the sufferer. It is 100% Jesus wanting to heal them of what you are experiencing. From my experience, it was similar to their teaching. That you can hear His words about the issue, possibly how it began as a mind set surrounding the trauma. It is for expression of the Faith of Christ, through believers. Often, a short discussion about their permission to receive prayer, it is the Lord’s intercession, and your pain may or may not go as theirs leaves, and healing occurs. Often, there is communion between myself and the Lord to properly praise Him for including me as He pours the application of His blood through…me…. awestruck every time. The communion is truly revaluation all. And then I am free of that burden as well. What is often not my stuff, leads me to find a resolution, communion is key to release.

  3. This is eyeopening and almost brought me to tears! I feel things. Sometimes it is a pain, sometimes it wakes me out of a sound sleep, sometimes I can only call it a funny feeling. It is always sudden and just comes and then just goes, but more often God keeps confirming for me who it is for. Sometimes I know exactly who I am supposed to pray for, and sometime I don’t, but I know this is happening. I went searching after seeing a prophetic personality training. Before the teacher could say all of the types of personalities, I was like I feel things. That was next on her list. I’m realizing this is a thing and it isn’t “crazy”. People don’t always understand when you say you feel something and you can always describe a feeling… thank you for putting this into words and continuing to confirm what is happening and what God is trying to use me for!

    1. Thank you for reading. I’m glad it helped you. I know the feeling of experiencing things others don’t understand. It can be a bit overwhelming. So glad this put your mind at ease.

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. I too am having an reoccurring experience for 6 years now but I haven’t heard anyone describe it just yet. Have you experienced this or heard anyone else experience it? I feel sensations on my head. They range in various intensity and last for various lengths of times. Sometimes it goes on for days others just hours. It mostly happens at home(odd I know). I have recently noticed when I pray for God’s will to be done that night I will have a very prophetic dream then it stops. I will have a break for a few days then the cycles restarts. It is not necessarily painful but yet an annoyance kinda like the constant drip of water of a person forehead used in military tactics. Sometimes I feel like it’s a positive experience then others it seems negative and I wonder if I need deliverance. I have prayed every prayer I can I think of and most times I don’t feel closer to understanding. Does this sound familiar? Have you heard of anything like this? Thanks for your help

    1. Just yesterday I was listening to Paul Cox of Aslan’s Place. He explained, (very similar to what you experience) as sensations near or on his head as being the presence of angels. He simply asks what their message is and receives it. Maybe explains why you have prophetic dreams and then the sensation departs. Message has been delivered. I’d need to hear it again, but I think he also said he detects unholy angels the same way. He is a tactile feeler/seer, he states, and not so much a “see” seer. His teachings are on YouTube. It was the third lesson of a teaching series.

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