Welcome to Doing Life on Fire

WELCOME to doing life on fire. There was a popular song by hip hop artist Nelly. It said, “it’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes”. I wonder if you are hot enough to take off the restraints in your life. I wonder if you are ready to let go of the restrictions of pain, fear, insecurity, and such that keep you perpetually bound to meritocracy.

Well that is what this ministry is all about. It is about you doing life with passion. On this site I aim to provide you with God’s voice to get your free to live a life of purpose and destiny. I also aim to get you into a first church experience. In the book of Acts we see a much different church than the one that exists today. The first church lived with a sense of passion and power that led to one person in the scriptures describing Paul and Silas as being apart of those who have “turned the world upside down!” That is such a compliment considering they knew less, had less available in terms of technology, and faced unimaginable persecution. However, even with all of this going on they were effective and powerful.

The other thing that you will find here is a passion for the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. He is the most neglected person on the planet. He was send to do a job but is frequently“quenched” as the Bible puts it by the same people He was sent to work with. Are you aware of the fact that the book of Acts reveals to us that the Holy Spirit has a ministry. That is right. You have a ministry and He has one too! Are you allowing Him to do His ministry or are you in His way? Are you minding yours and His business? If so stay-tuned and learn how to get in your lane and allow Him to run in His. I promise you that if you do you will live a life on fire!

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