Should We Worry About Displays of Power by the Kingdom of Darkness

One thing that fascinates me, and there are many, is the fear the Church has of Satan and his minions. It fascinates me because we are clearly told that we have been given authority over his power and that nothing he does can hurt us or harm us (Luke 10:19). However, beyond my fascination is a frustration with the fruit our unbelief in God’s authority given to us  yields.

So many Christians are defeated and oppressed that’s it’s not even funny. The worst fruit of our unbelief, however, is our fear. The fear of trying, the fear of failing, the fear of something jumping on me if I cast it out, the fear of demonic retaliation, the fear of being oppressed or possessed, the fear of being deceived. Fear! Fear! Fear!

Last week on my YouTube channel I taught on God being in control. God began speaking to me clearly one morning that He is in control of the things that we think have no relevance. He likewise clued me into the reality that Satan will never get over on us! For all things (good and bad) work together for our good.  That doesn’t mean that he will not try, but it does mean that he will not succeed.

I titled this post with a question? Should we worry about displays of power by the kingdom of darkness? This question came to mind after I read a blog that seemed a bit panicky about something Satan is doing. As I read it was reminded of how the church is sometimes so overwhelmingly terrified of any mention of the supernatural outside of the church. We obsess about cartoons and subliminal messages to kids. I’ve heard people say that Disney is evil, and every celebrity is with the Illuminati. Even now as God is restoring and moving the healing ministry into the streets, there are people worrying about whether this is “new age” activity. One thing I tell people I will never do is try to justify the Bible. I never dignify the new age argument with an answer because what I teach is “clearly” in the scriptures. My position on the matter is this, whatever evil someone else decides to do with a truth is their problem. I am responsible for taking the truth of God and applying it as God commands in the scriptures. The same is true for every believer. We do not have to justify the word of God with such statements as “the devil is not creative, he perverts what is of God.” While this may be true, simply showing what God does in the scriptures is sufficient evidence of Him at work.

From my response you my have concluded that I do not worry about the kingdom of darkess. Why? What makes me so dismissive of this dark kingdom and what they are doing today in the area of the supernatural? Well for one, as I said, God said Satan will not have an advantage.  That’s is not to say that he cannot gain the advantage for 2 Corinthians 2:11 says, for we are not ignorant of Satan’s device, lest he should gain an advantage over us. But notice his advantage depends on our ignorance of his devices. Lucky us, it also says “for we are not ignorant!” For those who are spiritually sensitive God make aware of such devices.

God showed me this as He spoke to me the other day. He showed me that the Bible says Jesus was slain before the foundations of the world. Then He showed me in the Gospels where Satan entered Judas Iscariot and Jesus told him to go and do what he was going to do. Satan had been trying to kill Jesus since he arrived on earth. First in Luke 4 he tempted Him with suicide. Then He inspired a crowd to try to throw him off of a cliff. Last He tried to have Him crucified. Unlucky for Him he succeeded in the latter. What he thought would bring him victory cost him a war.

My point is this. Satan will do what Satan does. He’s a god wannabe and so are his followers. And that’s okay, because just as Satan thought killing Jesus would help his agenda, he is likewise doing the same thing today. What do I mean? Satan is setting the stage for the supernatural displays of the church in the streets to be acceptable.

I absolutely love what is happening. I told God, Satan doesn’t seem to realize he is helping us out. With all this acceptance of and fascination with the supernatural happening around us you should realize that it is making it less difficult for people to expect such displays from the church. We see the best example of this in Acts 8:9-25. This passage of text speaks of Simon the sorcerer. It show us how he bewitched the people with his magic for years and they supposed him to be some great power. Then Philip the evangelist came along and it says many great miracles were done. This resulted in healing, deliverance, and many converts to Christianity. Even Simon gave his life to Christ. As we read the story we see that it was easy for the miracles to flow because Simon and his displays of dark power had created an atmosphere where people did not think the supernatural was strange.  Today you see this happening in places like Africa where witchcraft seems to be normal. In Africa the Christians seem to have an usually high faith for the supernatural. The most incredible stories of miracles come out of that continent. This is not so in American. In America everything has a logical explanation for it’s occurrence. Therefore, we see very little in terms of real miracles.  And one reason we see so few is because the people here are not open to the supernatural. But don’t worry. Times are changing and we are seeing more fascination with the supernatural in our movies, television, programs, and false religions. But that’s ok. It is a set up and we must be prepared to capitalize on the moment. The Bible says the kingdom of heaven suffer violence and the violent take it by force (see Matt. 11:12). This simple means we need to be aggressive about taking advantage of what our adversary thinks will work in his favor. Let’s turn his error to our God’s advantage. We need to aggressively go after healing and deliverance while the world is so fascinated with the supernatural.

If you still don’t believe that we can capitalize on the enemy’s error, I’ll show it to you again. Consider Moses when God sent him to deliver Israel. The first thing God told him to do was to display God’s power. So he did. He cast down his staff and it became a serpent. After this the Egyptian magicians quickly responded with a display of dark power. But notice how receptive they were so something as strange as a stick becoming a serpent. Most of us in this situation would have passed out at such a thing. They however, were receptive to the supernatural because they were already in an atmosphere of the supernatural. All God did from there is what He did with Simon. He demonstrated that His power was greater. This was necessary for Israel to see as well because God knew that His people had been enslaved in a place where there was an atmosphere of the supernatural. Several times Israel complained about going back to serve the Egyptian Gods. They were held captive in a atmosphere where they saw the supernatural and God used the His supernatural power to shift their beliefs from the weaker Egyptians gods to Himself.

So don’t worry about what Satan is doing. Just be prepared to take advantage of the atmopshere he creates. You will find that it is easier to show God’s power to someone already familiar with the supernatural.

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