When Confirmation Comes

Yesterday turned out to be very interesting. First God gave me a post to write yesterday on taking advantage of the opportunity Satan creates. For those who may not have read the previous post. I wrote about how I came across a popular blog site for a magazine and how that blogger from time to time writes panic blogs. I noticed that she always seems preoccupied with what Satan is doing. But I realize she is not alone. Many people, in my opinion, panic at every move Satan makes. There’s always someone writing about being careful of Jezebel, Leviathan and the rest. They call it standing on the wall, but really it’s just fear.

I wrote in my post yesterday about us learning what to do with what we see. Do we see Jezebel and Leviathan at work? Sure we do. I don’t disagree with sounding the alarm, I disagree with us having no response to the threat!

So God showed me that we need to learn how to capitalize on what Satan does. It’s called strategy. Some people don’t yet understand that we are in a war. War is all about strategy. In fact the Bible tells us in Ephesians 6 that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against wicked spirits and to stand against such. It likewise tells us to stand against the “wiles” of the enemy. This word means tricks, plans, and schemes. In other words, Satan strategizes against us. This is because he understands that he is at war. It is now up to us to do the same.

Understanding that Satan has a strategy means that if we can see what he is doing we can expose and take advantage of his weakness.  Yesterday I wrote about how God helped Phillip take advantage of the atmosphere that Simon the Sorcerer created in Acts 8:9-25. Simon via Satan created an atmosphere of expectation and fascination and God swooped in through Philip and collected the spoils.

He did the same with Paul. In Acts 17:16-34 Paul comes to a city that worshiped every god under heaven. Then the Bible tells us that there was one shrine with an inscription which read, to the unknown God.  Satan had them worshipping everything under the sun. But he made the mistake of leaving room for God. It also said of other philosophers in verse 21, that they did nothing all day but listen to new things. They would be equivalent to new agers today. They were interested in the mystical. Guess what God did through Paul. You guessed it! He swooped in again on the spoils. I bet seeing it this way makes it funny.

So on to what made yesterday so interesting. I wrote this post and approximately 20 minutes later, a co-worker came into the office. He came in on a scooter because of a old injury was resurfacing. I immediately saw this as a ministry opportunity but I wasn’t sure how he might respond to a request for prayer. So I asked about the condition and asked if he was open to healing. He said, “What do you mean?”  I told him that I would like to pray for him. To my surprise he responded with a favorable “yes”. In my experience most people respond with a bit of skepticism. Usually they say yes but there is alway a bit of hesitation. That was not the case with this guy. He was enthusiastic about it. So I laid my hand on his knee and commanded the issues to correct themselves. As I prayed I felt the power of God on me but it wasn’t flowing freely.

I asked him do you feel anything. He didn’t answer. I asked again, because this time I felt the power moving. But again he didn’t answer. So I left it alone. He didn’t have any pain whereby I could measure the healing so I just left it as healed by faith.

Then confirmation comes. Confirmation of what? Confirmation of the reality of my post. This guy goes on to tell me that he is open to healing because his uncle is a acupuncture specialist. He began telling me how he was going to go to the doctor for a diagnosis then he was going to see his uncle for a healing treatment.

We talked a little more and after he left I thought, wow. Confirmation. God wants us to capitalize on the atmosphere that Satan is creating. God wants to use you to swoop down on the spoils.

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