If You Want It, Go and Take it Back!

Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force.” Are you angry enough to take back what’s yours? I have in my many years of  serving Christ, come across people who never seem tired enough to become violent. I know the idea of violence seems to contradict what most of you believe about God. We would like to paint Him as a sky fairy that’s happy all the time, surrounded by smaller happy fairies that dance and sing and skip along throughout the day.

This is how a lot people seem to see Jesus. I have call them “hippie” Christians. Everything with them is lovely and wonderful. God does not get angry and at every moment He is filled with love and wonder at us. This all sounds good in theory. Scripture however, does not present Him that way.

God is first and foremost a person. He is a person first, God second. God is a title that describes His function and role, but not His nature. His nature is revealed to us in the person of the Holy Spirit. The word spirit is the greek word “phneuma”. From this word we create the english word inspiration and motivation. In other words it is the expressed nature of something. The Holy Spirit expresses God’s nature to all in existence. Galatians tells us  that it is God’s nature to to be loving, joyful, kind, peaceful, long-suffering (patient), good, faithfuls, gentle, and in control of Himself.  This is the fruit or expressed nature of God. This sums up His character.

While most people would love to stop here in describing God and angels. The Bible does not only present us with the humanly acceptable part of His character. It also presents us with the not so humanly acceptable part of His nature. The Bible says the Lord is a man of war… It also says that He will pour out His wrath on the disobedient. It does not stop with just telling us the good things about God, but it also shows us this side of God.

In Genesis He destroyed the world by drowning them. In Exodus He opened up the earth  and swallowed up the complainers. In Joshua He sends Israel to kill every living thing. This included babies and animals. This is the other side of God. This is the just side of God that marches to war against unrighteousness.

So when we seek to manifest who He is, we must likewise develop this attitude of justice. Justice for the sick. Justice for the needy. Justice for the poor. Justice! So what’a my point?

In the beginning God gave Adam and Eve dominion over the earth. Our original human parents innocently gave over their dominion of the earth to a cunning Satan. I say innocently, because the Bible is clear that they were “deceived”. While they were aware of the fact that they were disobedient, they were not aware of the concept of wrong until they ate from the tree that opened their eyes. Until that point they innocently partook of the fruit. In doing so they submitted themselves and all of the earth to the control of Satan. For the Bible says, “You are that ones slaves who you choose to obey.” (see Rom. 6:16).  It was their choice to submit to Satan’s control.

Their submission gave him dominance, and he says to Jesus in Luke 4, “All this has been given into my hands and I will give to whomever I wish”. And Jesus does not dispute that as truth. In fact Paul calls him the God of this age in Corinthians.  So he still has some authority in the earth.

Then an interesting thing happens. Jesus in Matthew 10 calls twelve of His disciples together and gives them power “over” demons. All of a sudden their is a role reversal. He does it again a few chapters later with 70 disciples. Upon returning they rejoice because the spirits are subject to them. Jesus then says to them, “Behold I give you authority over the power of the enemy…” (see Luke 10:19) Again, the roles are reversed and the hunted now becomes the hunter!

That’s right you are not the hunted. It burns me up when we sing songs and say things that imply that we are somehow under attack by Satan. We are not under attack neither are we under siege. We are the hunters, not the hunted. We are supposed to be attacking his kingdom.

For this reason I implore you to draw not only upon the “good nature” of God. I also encourage you to draw upon His “just” nature. I encourage you to draw upon the God of war that dwell inside of you! He is not asking us to dance around issues and be happy little fairies. He is requiring of us to “go” and to go aggressively after all that His blood has purchased back from hell. That means aggressively going after those who need healing, deliverance, counseling, guidance, food, clothing, encouragement, empowerment, etc. And we are not to go nicely! We are to assault hells gates. They will not stand against the pressure and power of the Church of Jesus Christ when we bombards their territory!

Satan’s kingdom is hell. Ours is this earth. All demon activity should be seen as trespassing and judgement should be executed swiftly. For me this means not walking past the depressed, sick, and discouraged. For you it may mean not walking past the fatherless. For others it may mean not walking past the hungry. But whatever it means to you rise up and take back what is ours! Jesus calls us to aggression. He tells the disciples to “go”.  That is a term of aggression. Then He says go into all the world preaching, healing, delivering, and cleansing. His command to go was a command to assault the gates of hell in the lives of people. And he said nothing about being nice about it. We are to love people and hate evil.

I told the devil if I see you in any part of my town, I promise you I will attack. I invite you to do the same. If you want your family, health, finance, career, joy, peace, back, then you need to go take it back!

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