The Power of Partnering

God said something to me early this year. He said to tell His people that this year He had a future in their seed. He then went on to explain to me that in Genesis He mentions that her seed would bruise Satan’s head.

He said that the seed was an idea of redemption. Every prophet preached that idea to the people. But the people killed the ones that God put in their live to impregnate them with possibility. Then an angel preached it to a 16-year-old girl that God impregnated with that same idea from Genesis. The idea that she gave birth to changed the world.

Likewise, God has given each of us ideas. Some from years ago—aborted ideas. And God sent people to encourage us in the idea and it did not stick. But now we are pregnant with possibility and God is bringing our babies to term.

He also said that the idea Mary gave birth to was only possible because of what happened in the garden. Mary’s seed was able to multiply, because Adam and Eve did a very important thing. They brought their physical resources together to produce the first seed. What do I mean? No Seth, no David. No David, no Jesus! Your seed will have an impact well beyond what you can fathom. Don’t despise small beginnings.

He also said to me to warn His people of the feelings of inadequacy. The not enoughs… not pretty enough, not smart enough, to good enough…not enough. Satan made Adam and Eve aware of how inadequate they were. He changed their view of God’s design. They were naked and not ashamed. Then they were naked and ashamed. But God made them naked for a reason. Shame made them hide from each other what God intended them to share with each other. They hid their reproductive parts. In other words, no sex, no seed! No seed no Jesus! No Jesus, no us!

We multiply by bringing our uniqueness to the table and sharing our gifts and talents with each other. For instance, a musician needs a band mate to make music. But what if both instrumentalist feel inadequate about their skills. Such feeling lead many people to hiding what God gave them to share.  No sharing equals not band.  No band equals not music!

Some of the best voices are hidden in the shower. Some of the best artwork is scrawled away in spiral notebooks. Some of the best songs are hidden in shoeboxes. Likewise some of the best stories are scribbled in journals. All hidden talent is hidden because of the feeling of not being good enough.

However, I would like to encourage you that you are good enough. God made Adam and Eve naked and when He was finished He said it is “Good”! He feels the same way about you. You are note unworthy of using the talents and gifts He has given you. He made you vulnerable so that you could connect and partner with others!

You are just as you need to be! Share your gifts with the world and multiply. Stop hiding what was designed for exposure.

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