You Can Hear the Voice of God Clearly

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Excerpt from the “You Can Hear the Voice of God Clearly”.

For years there has been a standard teaching in the church regarding the voice of God. It is what most would call a landmark teaching and it was one that I wholeheartedly embraced and implemented into my life. It was also all I expected to experience regarding the voice of God. That was until I had a dream many years ago. It was a dream that would shift my paradigm regarding how I would experience hearing the voice of God. It was a dream that would challenge my mindset and push my faith. It was a life changing moment that would lead to an incredible experience with God.

In this landmark dream I was on the phone conversing with a woman. As the dream progressed and our conversation continued, I decided to minister prophetically to her. At that point I started to feel impressions in my spirit and words of knowledge began to flow to my mind. As the words of knowledge began to flow, I started to notice that the deeper I tuned into God, the more audible His voice became. I remember thinking to myself in the dream, “How is this possible?” It was so awesome of an experience that it left a strong impression in my mind upon waking.

At that particular time in my life I was learning how to minister prophetically by faith. So I did not immediately make the connection with what God was really showing me in the dream. I was more excited by God challenging me to step out to minister prophetically by faith. Also the idea of hearing God clearer than a still small voice just seemed too surreal to consider.

However, that would not be the last time that God addressed me about the voice of God and hearing it clearly. It would be later that year as I sat down to write my book, God, Is that You, Me, or the Devil, that God would really begin to open me up to this truth.

I remember that day so vividly. I was sitting at my computer working on the chapter that defines the various ways God speaks. I had already written about dreams and visions and I was just starting to write about the “still small voice”. As I sat writing about this subject, God suddenly started talking to me about what really happened with Elijah and the still small voice. He started challenging me that we could hear a clearer more discernable voice. Initially I reacted with a sense of wonder. It was the same feeling that I first felt when God presented this idea to me in the dream. I had always been taught that God speaks in a still small. Regardless of the fact that God was telling me differently, I struggled to let go of my old way of thinking. People had taught me an age-old truth, and God was telling me something different. I know that it seems obvious whom I should have believed, but unfortunately I didn’t believe God.

I held on to this truth for many years, never sharing it with anyone. I believed it, I could explain it, but I just didn’t yield to it. God however, did not give up on me regarding this issue. The next time He spoke to me regarding this issue He did so by presenting it to me in a unique way. One morning as I awoke from sleeping, I heard a song in my heart. There was nothing strange about this experience. In fact it was quite normal. I usually wake up with the sound of faint worship in my heart so I thought nothing of the experience. This time however, I heard a song that I only knew by its melody. Even though I was familiar with the melody I did not know but a few of the lyrics. So in my effort to participate in what God was doing, I “googled” the lyrics, found the song, and downloaded it to my phone. Then I sang along as the day continued. Later in the day I started to notice that the song in my heart was becoming progressively louder. At that moment I felt like Moses when He saw the burning bush. The Bible says that he turned aside at the sight of a burning bush to see why it was not consumed by the fire. Likewise, I also turned aside to see what was happening on the inside of me. As I gave my attention to the song I noticed that the song was loud, distinct, and clear—it was audible. This lasted for two weeks. During that time my days and nights were filled with audible worship. Then it all came to an end and the music I heard in my heart had a new quality. Once it returned to a normal volume level it appeared to be more distant than low in volume. This was all very fascinating to me. This however, was not the end of my experience because something else occurred during the time of audible worship—God spoke to me. And it was just as He had shown me in the dream. The more I tuned in to hear, the clearer His voice became. It seemed audible.

I will never forget that day. It was a precursor to some of my most memorable conversations with God. I have had many conversations and received many insights into life’s mysteries. But the most memorable and deep conversations occurred in this season of hearing the voice of God.

While I would like to assume that my experience was unique, that would not be altogether true. This experience is not unique to me it is available to you as well. In fact that is what this book is about. God told me as He spoke to me about this subject, that He was turning up the volume. It has never been His intent for us to stop at hearing the still small voice. The still small voice is a sign of our awakening to the reality that God speaks. Now however, is the time when God’s voice will be heard.

The Bible says, “See that you do not refuse Him who speaks” (Heb. 12:25). This passage is clear in communicating that God wants us to hear so that we can obey. How can you refuse Him that speaks if you’ve never heard Him speak! Or if what you hear is so faint that it’s hard to accurately determine what is said. God wants to speak to His people and I am going to fill your heart with that possibility in the pages that follow. God is going to turn up the volume! You can hear the voice of God clearly!


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