The Power of Stillness


Stillness is our ability and responsibility to find out what the plan of Heaven is “before” we move forward. It is being in the place of dependency on God.

A Personal Example

Here is a personal example of stillness. It was the start of the 2015 Christmas season and I was seeking God in prayer. As I sought Him He spoke to me regarding purchasing a gift for someone less fortunate. At that time I had made the mistake of making Christmas all about my family. That being the case, His birthday became about my children. So I sought God in prayer for direction in finding a recipient. During our discussion He showed me a simple mental picture of a pink girl’s coat. He said to take $50 and go to Marshall’s and purchase the coat in a size 10-12. Upon finishing our discussion I relayed that exact information to my wife. When she arrived at the store and found the coat she called me to describe it. It appeared from the description that we had found our coat. She said, “By the way it is the only pink coat left and it is a size 10-12.” But when she brought it home and I laid eyes on it I knew with certainty that it was the coat. It was exactly as God had shown it to me in the vision.

The next step was to get it to someone in need. Then it occurred to me that if God spent that much time to save a specific coat for a specific gender in a specific size, then He had a specific person in mind. Who was the question! This is where stillness is so valuable. My understanding of the coat was that it was meant to be a Christmas gift. Therefore I assumed God would show me the person by the time Christmas came around. But Christmas came and went. One week passed and we were entering into the second week past Christmas. I was wondering who the coat belonged to and my wife was starting to think I had missed God. I had passed up opportunities such as coat donation drives, a little girl who lost all of her clothing in a fire, and a woman who expressed the need for such a thing. I had many opportunities to give this coat away, but God had not shown me or released me to do so. I was being still until I received further instructions.

Then two weeks after Christmas my wife brought over a family member in a not-so desirable situation. While the girl was visiting, my wife started to express her frustrations about the girl’s dire situation. One of the things she reported was that the girl had received nothing for Christmas. This was hard for us to digest, because she was the only one of her siblings that received no gift. The girl lives with her birth father and mother and three half siblings. And due to her father and mother being financially impoverished they could not afford to buy gifts for any of the children. The other children however received gifts from their birth fathers and their family. That meant that this young girl was the only child in the house that did not receive a gift.

One of the other things that came up in my discussion with my wife was that this young girl had come to the house without coat. Not because she forgot to bring one, but because she did not own one. I live in Maryland and this occurred in January. It gets really, really cold in Maryland in January. It was enough to break our hearts that she was the only child of four that did not receive a gift. But to know that she did not have a coat at the coldest time of the year crossed a line in our hearts. Then it occurred to me to inquire regarding her current coat size. My wife said, “Oh she’s a big girl. That coat won’t fit her”. Then I said, “Have her try it on anyway”. To our surprise the coat was a perfect fit. It was cut bigger than normal so what should have been too small, fit just right!. As she put the coat on a huge smile came over her face. God had made sure to keep her in mind and provided a coat for her as a Christmas gift from Him.

What if I had rushed to judgment regarding what to do with the coat? What if I had yielded the pressure in my own mind to give this coat to the many other valid opportunities that presented themselves? If I were not practicing stillness this young girl would have had a terrible Christmas. This is the value of knowing God as a commander. We never know how the decisions we make affect the lives of others. For this reason I encourage you let your actions take a back seat to your hearing so that you will be able to maximize God’s intentions in any given situation in your life.

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