Miriam and Aaron or Moses: Servant of God versus Freind of God

I wrote two books, You Can Hear the Voice of God Clearly, and God, Is that You, Me, or the Devil, and I wrote each book with an emphasis on hearing God in practical life situations.
I’ve been around the body of Christ for 20 plus years and it never ceases to amaze me that people confuse prophecy with intimacy. Prophecy is just a gift. Balaam prophesied…accurately! Anyone saved a day can learn to do it. But it does not mean that one is intimate with God. For the record intimacy with God is not knowing what is in the future. Intimacy occurs when you allow something or someone “into you” or the “see into you.” Are you only allowing God to talk about His job? Do you allow Him to talk about His feelings, dreams, ambitions for the world, because the prophets He left a record of, heard more than events; They heard His heart, His disappointment with Israel, His anger and frustrations with the nations around them and even the brokenness in His heart by their betrayal and harlotry. Now, do you allow God to see into you? Because intimacy goes both ways.
It is easy for us to allow God to talk about the future. It’s not so easy to allow Him to talk about the “you” He sees. This is what made Moses different. God said to Aaron and Miriam in Exodus 12, “If there is a prophet among you, I speak to him in dreams, I make Myself known to him in a vision.” Then He said, “This is not the case with Moses. I speak to him face-to-face and even plainly and in speech, that is easy to understand.”
What God was saying is that the prophets were conversing with God out of the duty and the responsibility of the job. But Moses’ conversations with God were personal. It is the difference between a boss and a father. They both have authority over you, instruct you, correct you, and promote you, but only one of them cares about you as a person.
God cares about you as a person more than He cares about you as a servant. A servant does what he is told out of duty. In fact, we see this kind of person in Revelation when He Jesus confronts the loveless church. They had done everything they were supposed to do. They just didn’t do it with love! A friend, however, does what he is told to do out of love for the relationship.
God talks to me about a lot of things. The president as well as various events. But nothing is more exciting than His constantly helpful advice about my marriage, my role as a father, my career, my ministry, and insecurities. I give Him permission to speak to me about every part of my life and no part of it is off limits. No part, regardless of how painful it may be to have certain conversations! And recently, we have had conversations in which He showed me some not so pleasant things about myself. But He also showed me how to fix these things and they are producing immediate fruit in my life. God is intimate with me or as we say “in- to me see.” And He wants to do more than speak to you about the future. There are enough things going on in your life today (right now) to keep the conversations going all day. But you have to decide. Do you want to be just a servant, or do you want to be a friend? Do you want to work for God, or do you want to work with Him? Aaron and Miriam worked for God and they saw all kinds of things and got to be used by Him. But Moses worked with God, and He saw God in ways that those who were simply prophets never saw Him!

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  1. Hi Mr. Winters,

    I have noticed that you haven’t put up any new videos on youtube. I have really liked them. Are you going to put up any more? I have both your books and have commented on them.

    Thank you again,

    Sonya Hass


    1. Hi Sonya, I haven’t stopped doing my videos. I moved an elderly person into my house to take care of and it has been an adjustment, in terms of recording. Where she stays in the house is close to my recording area. But I have it all figured out now and should have more teaching coming within the next week or so.

      Thanks for asking and watching. I saw you comment in my emails but Youtube would not allow me to respond to it there. So I’m glad you emailed me so that I would have a chance to respond.

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