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Mean and percentage to arrive at findings and conclusions. Consumers claimed that the advertisements or the ecofriendly products were fabricated. Research Methodology The current research is descriptive in its nature.

According to the two spokeswomen interviewed, both firms had never carried out market research because they were more focused on other strategic issues, linked to their expansion and consolidation plans.

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As a new drug or objectives: marketing green marketing, and products need for the environmental consciousness that. How do consumers infer corporate social responsibility? To identify the factors that influences the customer persuasion to buy green products. California, making residential photovoltaic usage a practical reality for some consumers but still an expensive luxury for others. Recommendations green marketing mix plan should they would collaborate together with ericsson ab the marketing of the plan to? European Journal of Marketing, Vol.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to express my gratitude to all those who helped me during the writing of this thesis. Consumer attitude towards green marketing an exploratory study. Environmental issues should not be compromised to satisfy primary customer needs. Green Marketing should help protect environment for future generation.

It is important for markets to be in top of mind recall of consumers to gain maximum from their green brand positioning. For further analysis, the printed questionnairewas distributed. Green marketing is one of the business strategies to maintain environmental sustainability. This will further enable the marketers of these cars to improve the design and make the future educational campaigns for effective. This study used real marketing messages from three brands known Australia. If this callback is set, execute it.

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  1. The size of the study is anyway limited, so the reader should consider this fact when observing the outcomes.
  2. Population wise there exists a big potential in rural districts of the state and if one has to really make the impact of the pollution less then focus should be rural parts.
  3. The above table clearly indicates that Respondents strongly agree that green companies can have competitive advantage over normal companies.
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Marketing element of buying behavior on green products. The results from this study would be of interest to companies promoting green products. From where you get the information about Green marketing Practices?


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When asked about trustworthiness quite a number participants consider themselves sceptical of marketing messages while the same time assuming that those messages need contain some sort basic truth.

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Businesses alone cannot lead consumers from intention to action. The perception towards companies did not aware of green marketing on their preference. Green marketing has positive impact on sustainable development in India. Preferred Carry Bags Table.


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Focusing on the present Italian situation and with emphasis on ornamental stones, ceramic tiles, cement and concrete producer, the interest and the response in the building materials supply chain are highlighted.

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Potentially, the indicators that might define a company as green are many, and carrying out green market research might be just one of them, but it does not seem to be an essential aspect of the ideal green company.

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Individuals are sensitive and responsive to ecological problems. Also found out that different age groups showed similar awareness for green practices. This could present the region with a host of opportunities and challenges. Feel free to send suggestions.


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These are performance, functionality, ecosustainability and brand appeal.

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