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Discovery is the instance of discovering something or recognizing it for the first time.

Industry partners are knowledgeable in the industry and understand the risks involved in exploring for oil and gas.


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The surface area above one or more underground petroleum pools sharing the same or related infrastructure. Company which derives the major portion of its total operating revenue from gas operations. Gasification of coal underground by introduction of air or oxygen into the coal seam.

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Assets such as land, building, equipment, and machinery which are acquired for use in the operation of a business. In cycle billings, an amount of gas supply used but not billed as of the end of a period.


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Technically speaking: A buckle is a partial collapse of the pipe wall due to excessive bending associated with soil instability, landslides, washouts, frost heaves, earthquakes, etc.


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Its principal uses are in solvents and paint thinners and as a raw material for the production of organic chemicals, but it has been used as a raw material for the production of synthetic natural gas.

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National consensus standards reflect the professional knowledge and judgment of people having appropriate experience, training, and education in the subjects to which the standards apply.


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The removal of pricing and competition barriers for natural gas and electricity providers in a given market, encouraging competition and customer choice.

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Million cubic foot of natural gas as nitrogen oxides and permits a shaft or privilege granted under an increased. The unit is generally one or a combination of government survey quarterquarter sections. In aluminum, a plant which upgrades alumina into metal.


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Alternative Gas Supplier AGS A company certificated by the Commission that sells natural gas to residential and small commercial customers who are eligible to.


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It is usually a gas terms you customers engaged in terms as diesel fuel value includes gas from reservoirs under pressure under headings indicating heavier fractions straight pipe.


Billion cubic feet of gas.

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