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Science distinguishes itself from other ways of knowing and from other bodies of knowledge through the use of empirical standards, logical arguments, and skepticism, as scientists strive for the best possible explanations about the natural world.

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Feel comfortable eating them? The magazine thanks The Rockefeller Foundation and members of the National Geographic Society for their generous support of this series of articles. North American wilderness: the wolverine.


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Thus, current topics such as soil liquefaction during earthquakes and sustainable designoffer a broader view of civil engineering.

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One type of question that can be asked from a functionalist perspective is therefore: How can society be organized in a manner that restores balance with nature?


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For example, several of the activities emphasize inquiry and the nature of science while others focus on concepts related to evolution.


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Overexploitation of wild animals for consumption remains a second major factor for extinction, such as can be seen in bushmeat trade in Africa and Southeast Asia and all hunting endeavors on land, globally.


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Urban development in Canada in this period focused on Montreal and Toronto, which were the two major hubs of transportation, commerce, and industrial production in the country.

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Not only is the economy unhinged from nature in this film, but individual life is shown to have lost meaningful connection with nature.

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Developed nations typically have high rates of consumption and use wood to build homes and have cleared forests for things such as highways, housing developments, and shopping malls.

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April; San Francisco, CA. More wood required to construct a house; Bigger size necessitates more land for each home built; More electricity needed to light, heat, and cool house. Where did these three food crops originate?

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