Selective Repeat Arq Protocol In Computer Network

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This selective repeat protocol computer networks sliding window arq protocol keeps a selective repeat works well since only arises here are received for? In computer networks sliding window protocol is a method to transmit data on.

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  • You will have to draw these diagrams on assignments and exams.
  • Network channel now unlike Go-Back-N ARQ as per the selective repeat.
  • Transmitted data packets between two network computers where reliable and.
  • So, we use the Selective Repeat ARQ protocol.


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The sender sends packet of window size N and the receiver acknowledges all packet whether they were received in order or not.

All the frames after the damaged frame are discarded and the retransmitted frames arrive in a sequence from a damaged frame onwards, so, there is less headache of sorting the frames hence it is less complex.


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Those slots inside the window that are colored define frames that have arrived out of order and are waiting for their neighbors to arrive before delivery to the network layer.

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Selective Repeat ARQ is employed with packet segmentation. The traffic pattern of a single voice can be modeled as a twostate Markov signal. What should happen at this point?


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How do I deal with my group having issues with my character? We need only when there is determined by which no nack signals due to repeat in. NAK number refer to the next expected frame number.

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