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Stakeholder specific criteria does not inherently mean that specific codes do not need to be followed. Requirements in individual Sections may also cover production of standard products. Determine if habitat improvements are required. Check for Software Updateavailable QCS updates.


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They are a valuable aid for both Government and contractor personnel in understanding quality control. That same Contractor was issued a second CAR due to observations and spot checks. Check approved submittals against delivered material. Level Quality Assurance Plan for Construction.


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Fish and Wildlife Service, and environmental resource agencies of the five coastal New England states. To ensure a sample is representative of a project, CENAE must approve the sampling apparatus.


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Track variety of personnel data, subcontractor listings, correspondence, RFI, and safety items. The Government provides copies to onsite QA personnel.


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While experience and knowledge of the construction industry are necessary in developing a good QC Plan, the contractor must consider fully the specific contract requirements and special factors peculiar to a project as well.

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As delegated, the CORs were responwere performed of definable features of work to verify that the contractors were satisfying contract requirements. When entering pay activities, be surethe same as those used by the Government. This specification section details how the contractor will control his construction activities and obtain the quality he contracted for. The park waterfront is protected by a seawall. Verify location of utilities in the facility, waste disposal, site location, site survey control point, etc. The Coordination Meeting or the Mutual Understanding Meeting Agenda is included at the end of this module.

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