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Tired of hunting for, scanning, or snapping photos of Home Depot receipts for accounting, tax compliance, or invoicing?


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You have the return date listed on the bottom of your receipt You need the card to get your money back It always shows us that we can do debit or cash back.

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Will walmart refund me. In the payment was made by debit card immediately on ordering for a cash. Be sure to report any product defects or damages with the delivery agent. Banned from Home Depot Returns Page 3 Bogleheadsorg. Top Stores With the Best Return Policies.

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In other cases you need to have that same credit card on hand in order to process the transaction If you don't the merchant might be willing to issue your refund with a gift card or store credit instead but that's likely not the best option since it limits how you can spend the money.


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Hd policy with. Stay with debit card, return policy states base line of store credit. You swipe the card when you want to make a return and their system. What options do I now have? Excellent suggestions and response.

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Proof of Purchase Receipt Jump to HunterFancom Lowe's Home Depot.

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