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Sunny with the church homestead heights baptist churches are forever in the foundational document and constitution bylaws of central baptist church? This church reserves the privilege of determining its own membership. AUTHORITY OF THE STATEMENT OF FAITH This Statement of Faith does not exhaust the extent of our faith.

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Lead the church in maintaining compliance with Church Constitution and Bylaws reviewing annually and amending as needed Serve as chief.

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  • We believe that sin entered history when Lucifer rebelled against God.
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An emphasis is being placed on putting financial resources in the lives of people instead of in buildings.

  • Church bylaws and church for everyone, may make recommendations from.
  • Watch us each Sunday Morning at 930 and 1100 am Central time.
  • The deacons and pastor will tabulate the names and list the persons according to the number of nominations received.
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Pastor Search Committee Booklet Church Revitalization Information Video Catalog Equipment for Loan to Churches WMBA Constitution ByLaws.

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