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Are you struggling in this season of your life to hear the voice of God clearly? If you are ready for a revelation that will revolutionize your relationship with the Holy Spirit. In my book “You Can Hear the Voice of God Clearly”, I debunk the myth of the still small voice and point us to a clearer more enriching experience. You will learn how to move from the still small voice to a place of clarity. You will also learn what the still small voice is and how the scripture in 1 Kings 19 was misapplied in regards to it. Last, before it is all over you will know how to expect from God what He always intended you to experience.

This book is full of great stories and testimonies. In addition, the best part is that nothing was distorted or twisted to force the truth to the surface. You will see that every principle is in plain view in the scripture.

You Can Hear the Voice of God Clearly is available now on Amazon in both print and ebook format.

It is a perfect companion book for my other book, God is that You, Me, or the Devil: How to know that you know the voice of God, which is also available through Amazon.

Hearing clearly is great, but what about discernment. I have had the pleasure of speaking to both layperson and clergy about the voice of God. And from the pulpit to the pew a prevailing question nags the people of God. “Lord, is that You, me or the devil speaking?”

I was also a victim of this same question. That was until God taught me principles outlining how to discern his voice. Now I operate in the voice of the Lord in confidence and so can you! Learn how to make confident decisions with the voice of God for you family, ministry, church, career and even your finances.