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You have five to ten minutes to write about a bad experience you have had receiving feedback.

Students feel a strong sense of belonging within a community of learners and value intellectual engagement with others.

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Select your top three messages and discuss why you chose them. The accuracy coach may also review the entire project for accuracy and completeness, although all team members typically have some responsibility for that activity. Everyone in the CFG, participants and coaches, learn and expand their skills in this area.

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Classroom Teachers To use the ALG as a resource to advance understanding and knowledge about adolescent literacy based on an identified student need. Did we save our work in the appropriate places?


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This activity can help educators reflect on their own reaction to making mistakes and to rewrite any fixed mindset reactions they had.


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What are the characteristics of a professional learning community? Cfg members hold the work protocol for you on.


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He knows that with preparation, he can lead a group successfully. The group celebrates the success of the presenter.

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The participating teachers expressed enthusiasm for receiving collegial support in addressing instructional challenges and improving their practices, but acknowledgedlittle timewasdevoted towards it.


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Through the gradual release of responsibility from the Academic Deans and Assistant Principals to the teachers, we will be able to help teachers take greater ownership of their work with PLCs.


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Overview The Student Work Analysis Protocol presented here provides a process that groups of educators can use to discuss and analyze student work. What do Critical Friends Groups Do Together?


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PLC work is translating into instructional practices in the classroom. RIL tool for which the Mentor has been assigned.

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This round will ask the group to describe what they observe. At the end of the session, Terry would ask the group to discuss the degree to which these agreements connected to the work that they envisioned doing together. Terry leads the group in setting norms.


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Adapted from Fairfax County Public Schools PLC Overview The PLC Overview will provide background information on PLCs as well as the components, procedures and protocols of effective PLCs based on research.


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The Tuning Protocol features time for the presenter to talk while participants are silent, and time for the participants to talk while the presenter is silent.


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PLC that were explored in this chapter, and it can be used as a handy guide to regularly assess how your PLC in functioning and make decisions about areas that need more attention.


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Loan OptionsNext, meetings are run by protocol.

Rick Alvarez, facilitate the Futures protocol with the leadership team.

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