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All children 6 months and older should receive the flu vaccine in whatever form their pediatrician recommends Bonnie Maldonado MD chair. What are preferred over another person from those estimates will. This population live attenuated product.

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  • Your pediatrician can decide the best method of treatment for your child.
  • Furthermore, influenza vaccine coverage rates in children are stable.
  • FluMist Gets Thumbs Down From Pediatricians Shots NPR.

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AAP recommended using the flu shot as the primary method of vaccination for children during the current flu season but noted the nasal spray. Getting the flu vaccine reduces the likelihood of getting the flu. AAP recommended only the flu shot.


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The AAP recommends children as young as 6 months old get the flu vaccination as soon as it's available Children 6 months through years of.


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The AAP recommends annual influenza vaccination for all children and youth 6 months of age and older Some children under the age of 9 will need 2 doses of seasonal influenza vaccine.

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In addition, people who live with or care for persons who are at increased risk of developing serious complications should be vaccinated.

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The flu virus is unpredictable, spreads easily and can cause serious illness, so we urge vaccination in children and adolescents to protect them, their family and community, as well.

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The course educates staff who work in Head Start and other early education and child care programs about influenza policies and strategies that help keep children healthy.


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The AAP further stated that annual flu vaccination is the best protection against influenza and is recommended for all persons in the US ages 6. Important News FluMist Not Recommended for the 2016-2017 Influenza.

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