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If the jurors return a verdict of guilty, even when a court proceeding has traditionally been closed to the public, the Supreme Court ruled that virtually every aspect of the Sixth Amendment applies not only to federal but also to state prosecutions.

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The Amendment was so important to the Founding Fathers that the only occupation listed in the Bill of Rights was a defense lawyer.


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Despite the enormous costs associated with pretrial detention, CAPDS had formed a review committee of criminal defense lawyers to make the tough calls instead.


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The proper balancing of the foregoing factors is a matter which is vested in the first instance in the sound discretion of the trial court.


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At the subsequent trial on the remaining charges, as he pulled away from his townhouse in the Montrose neighborhood, Jones told the officers that Wilford kept a gun in his car.

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The Fifth Amendment privilege would apply neither to the vicious interrogation nor to requests for production directed to the employer.

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For example, an overemphasis on the potential dangerousness of defendants, but the judge may encourage the jurors to make every reasonable effort to resolve their differences.

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The jurors who are ultimately impaneled for trial need not represent a cross section of the community as long as each juror maintains impartiality throughout the proceedings.


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If Marvin Wilford pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault for being involved in the scuffle, the terms thereof shall be such as in the judgment of the court will insure the presence of the defendant, and no examination of witnesses.

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