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Since there is a slight distance in position between the two ears of an animal, the sound may return to one of the ears with a bit of a delay, which also provides information about the position of the object.

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In the first tab, Listen to a Single Source, move the listener as far away from the speaker as possible, and then change the frequency of the sound wave.


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Temperature is a measure of the relative movement of particles in a substance because temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles.


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Question: Considering the length of your resonance tube, what is the lowest frequency tuning fork you could use for this experiment?


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They know the previous section and in the distance also the measuring the experiment? Sign up to start collecting! Move the listener around and hear what she hears. Hold the tube in place at the spot where the sound resonates the loudest. Do not use categories as axis labels.


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Will measure the speed of sound waves in air by measuring the time required for a short sound. Do NOT forget the parentheses. Calculate the distance between consecutive nodes. Record the pressure AND the temperature of the water at that point. Velocity of Sound Experiment UK Essays.

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Again, the weaker signal has been amplified to make it easier to see on the soundtrack. This makes it easy to read measurements in decimals. IB Physics PRACTICALS WAVES The Open Door Web Site. No more boring flashcards learning!


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When we heat a substance, the particles in that substance have more kinetic energy and vibrate or move faster.

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For your data, complete an uncertainties table as described above.

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