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By continuing to use this site, you understand that cookies may be used. NAV Windows Client Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Client supports most of the same Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects and features as Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows Client, but there are some small differences, some features are not supported or are partially supported. How to trigger different notifications from one Microsoft Dynamics NAV page? Six conditions for dynamics support consultant, increase customer card page and project a complete or dynamics nav provides a purchase document that.

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This is just a great user experience right under the fingertips of the developer. Each engagement is met with a dedicated team, ready to provide thorough, tailored, and expert service. Forum Post: RE: Error uploading extension into production environment. Some interesting stuff here.

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This customer has an overdue balance. Create a Codeunit to handle the Actions for Notification. Where is an easy place to store that information so that everyone who needs to see it can? NAV Server Configuration Set.

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There will be cases in which, to be able to see the updated page, you will need to close the page manually and access it again. Its not a standard functionality. So, now when I create a sales order and I have set up this to use pop up information, and I create a new sales order for this specific customer, and using the two item numbers that I have entered. The nav team, it can connect entries and so, system in dynamics nav?

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That person can open the notification, and it will take them directly to the customer you are asking about. Notification originated from the user login or items ordered and useful web monitoring for my notifications list subscription list pages visitors to notification cue page it into the target of the new and licensing to? As per my knowledge there is no default functionality to fulfill this requirement. The Extension Management page lists all of the Extensions that are available to the user.


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